The longer term aim is to run two main routes, one to Oxford via Woodstock, the other to Banbury via Duns Tew. Exact stops (fixed will be few and far between, but more on that later) at each village Our Bus passes through are to be worked out, but the outline of the proposed routes seem a a good compromise between getting enough passengers, and getting people where they want to go quickly. For example, The Bartons to Oxford could be a short as 35-40 minutes in “fast” mode.

We’re also exploring what routes can be most easily set up in the short term to support those who need to get to places for work and education – while these will be served by the main routes described above, there is also a short term need to meet.

In addition we would want to run “specials” that go to places of interest to the community, and for different groups therein. Also be available for hire by parts of the community e.g. schools, and potentially operate a school run or two on top.